Why I Chose to Major in Computer Science

It’s no mystery that Computer Science is one of the most promising degrees in the 21st century. With technology taking over all industries, and software engineers getting the rep of having among the highest salaries in the workforce, it wouldn’t surprise anyone when I say that Computer Science is WORTH studying at the University level.

But why did I choose it?

See, I have always been technology inclined, having loved computers my whole life, and being amazed by any and all technologies ever since I can remember.  Ever since I wrote my first C++ function, I was hooked. The level of satisfaction you get from seeing your code work, and become life-like even if moments ago it was spitting out endless errors at you — is a feeling that you can’t get in many other industries. That moment of joy, when finally your software is doing what’s intended… That feeling to me is incredible!

There’s just so much to learn every day and countless of different avenues that you can choose to specialize in. You don’t have to conform to working for a specific industry your whole life since Computer Science is like the universal Lego Block that will make bring benefits to any company in the world.

Not only that, but Computer Science keeps you on your toes your whole life, you can’t expect to keep your job tomorrow if you’re not doing your homework and updating your skills weekly! You can’t fall behind — it’s a race with your own knowledge, and with the world’s trends — Computer Science is evolving as I write this blog!

Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Robotics, Databases, Virtual Reality, Natural Language Processing, Front End, Back End, Mobile Development, Networks, Bioinformatics… Where can you go wrong here? Trick Question: You can’t!

Not only that but usually companies will treat you really well as a Computer Scientists since your skillsets are always on demand worldwide… Yes, companies will definitely install the best coffee machine on the market to just keep you happy (I really miss that coffee machine from my last internship…)!

If you’re still pondering on your College major, or even if you should go to College to pursue a degree — I strongly encourage you to try out Computer Science, and see if it’s for you!